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Cotton & Crepe

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Small & Loose Fit


Dry Clean or Hand Wash Cold, Wash Dark Colours Separately, Dont Bleach, Low Heat Iron


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472 reviews for Orange Blossom

  1. mariwag

    , activation license
    ■ Cannot modify image when in edit mode without restarting Explorer
    ■ 2GB of total memory for process
    ■ 30 days for full version
    ■ PRO only

    Photo Gadget Pro is a useful shell extension tool that adds image editing options to Windows Explorer. Photo Gadget Pro can rotate, resize, crop and rename images, add a caption and/or frame, apply different effects and filters (grayscale, invert colors, sep
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  2. sharalg

    Key features:
    Large size animation which covers your entire desktop, with a cute little Christmas tree.
    Zoom-in feature allows you to see the animation in a more detailed way.
    Color control options for the tree lights.
    Openable information log.
    Stand-alone application – no installer necessary.

    Desktop Christmas Tree

    Many people go through great lengths to decorate their homes during the holidays. The tasty cookies, ornaments or other greenery adorning
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  3. padcalb

    FlightLog Professional rigorously maintains the utmost standards of professional integrity by its superior ‘ballerina butterfly’ design. The flat, ef- fective screen fit into any current lap- top screen space, boasts a sensible full national weather dataset capability coupled to the most complete options for recording, editing and sharing your flight data.

    FlightLog Professional is developed to take full advantage of any current kit of PC hardware, and new hardware is not necessary. Any laptop or UMPC will
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  4. melefab

    Windows XP Reduces Recovery Time
    1. Windows shows an error message “the computer will restart in 30 seconds…” or “the computer will restart in 2 minutes…”.


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    Besides, the use of multiple windows and the lack of an organized UI make it slightly complicated for occasional users. Also, the absence of emoticons is a missing piece that leaves much to be desired for those not very familiar with the concepts.
    Unexpectedly, when you add a friend to a group using the app, you do not receive a notification that a contact is added, and there is no way to block that person from participating in the group until you remove him or her. Fortunately,
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  11. cayldra

    STL Export for SketchUp is very easy to use and is a very good exporter tool for us.

    For more information visit the Site


    **Since version 3.4 **

    The binary direct export of various 3D object types is no longer supported. Select the main menu’s “Export STL” sub-menu. select the “Direct” (binary) export tab from within this sub-menu.

    A dialog window should appear asking you for
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  12. vallis

    You will need the CNMAT library to produce the DC filter, the Noise elimination filter, the second-order Butterworth filter and several coefficient files that are described in the next step.
    In this example we will plot 3 signals by using the command:
    S11 + S12 + S13
    Input values for S11, S12 and S13 should be stored in the textboxes specified in the next step.

    S= […]
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  13. washcere

    What is new in this release:

    – Added the possibility to modify backup paths (the folders where files are stored during backups) to make them smaller than the default value. The modified values are displayed at the start-up.
    – Let you recover files without having to restore the entire volume (formatting its contents). Only the files you want are recovered.
    – File recovery can be performed from a compressed volume.
    – Modified the dialog boxes.
    Involvement of
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  14. fladel

    A more advanced and comprehensive desktop screensaver with a wide variety of interesting options is much more suitable for our needs.


    Popular Mac screen savers

    Digital Stat Faces 1.2.1 – A collection of the most popular faces and stat faces. The download is free and easy to install on any of your favorite Mac computers.
    Dimensions of the Faces sizzling hot Waila Sizzling Hot – 250×237 pixels. Most importantly, it is fun
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  15. oswejan

    IP Switcher needs to be installed in one of the following locations:
    %SystemRoot%\ControlPanel\Network and Internet\Network Connections
    %ProgramFiles%\IP Switcher

    Feature Rich
    Similar to the other software packages in this category, IP Switcher contains all the features you’d expect to find in a software package designed to allow users to quickly change network settings on a Windows computer.

    Supports LANs
    There are several criteria
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  16. anbineth

    The fact that it supports numerous file formats and that it offers a large collection of export options, makes it a perfect tool for any small or big sized business or institution. We have been able to test it fully and this is how we have come to the conclusion that it is a serious contender when it comes to excellence. Although its price tag is quite expensive for many users, it presents remarkable features and enables users to perform tasks such as HTML to PDF, HTML to TXT, HTML to DOC,
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  17. meliemer

    Download wallpapers for desktop. Search for Dream Desktop agent on the official DreamDesktop website. moved to the top so if you want to see my new wine rack I just had to break out my levelers! I wonder how long this project will last before it falls apart? Hopefully for the long haul!

    Monday, July 17, 2011

    by the way welcome to my first review! I keep see these posts in other blogs and get the feeling that this is kind of a quiet
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  18. geneposi

    SpinZip operates correctly on Windows 7 even when the host system is 32-bit. However, the program was tested with 64-bit services only. Unpack the setup package to a specified directory (including subfolders) or to a removable drive on the computer. Open the executable file for easy installation.
    Still, you should be aware of the fact that all *.zip files located in its archives can be created by the software and vice versa. Converting a file to a ZIP
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  19. dwigzant

    8.9 for Windows, which includes multiple download links and a detailed evaluation of all available versions of the application, as well as our separate compilation containing a list of all functional features.

    FileMyNotes is a note-taking app that integrates the features of a standard address book into a convenient and powerful proprietary note and diary application. The integrated contacts section will help you to make the necessary notes, while the application’s calendar will keep track of particular dates for which you need to note down some
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  20. madrtry

    Modify the content of the XML file and run the command line tool, and it can build the DDL script as well, and deploy it properly on the server.
    To access to Sybase metadata, you just need to specify the backup file, the server page size, and the archive path for the extracted file. No download or installation is required.

    Export Excel worksheet,graph to Google Docs
    Does anyone know of a good way to export a workbook to Google Doc
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  21. odealf

    Saturday, April 10, 2016

    Backup Eliminator is an easy-to-use tool that makes it possible to restore previously backed-up data or specific files in just a few mouse clicks. No complex configuration or advanced format knowledge is required, and the process of restoring data is as simple as with built-in Windows utilities.
    Backup Eliminator is offered as a portable executable, which means that the program does not occupy any installation space, and it does not require registration
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    MDE Unlocker v3 20 full 11
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    Management Models Strategy and Analysis – Regular price: $299.00 Category:
    Business &

    The small business marketing software offers a full suite of sophisticated marketing solutions designed to strengthen the overall growth of your business. At the same time, it supports business owners who are continuing in their roles as the leader for one of the most important aspects of their company. Management Models Strategic Marketing and Analysis is specifically designed for small 05e1106874 sadmyl

  48. verdann

    What’s new
    • Learn how to use the message manager.
    • Correct an intermittent problem in the application’s tray icon color.
    • Improve the application’s speed.
    • Fixed a rare problem when starting the application from Windows.


    • The issue that caused corrupted icons has been fixed.
    • Fixing a rare problem when starting the application from Windows.
    • Making the application launch faster.

    With all these ideas in mind, take a look 05e1106874 verdann

  49. pearkale

    We’ve developped an in-depth walk-through of how to install, use and configure bibi-ng.

    You can have document formats in several versions, which is a very powerful feature. As we said before, single page documents just ask for invoices, and what they are, however, a multiple page document is for invoices with several pages for one invoice, and that’s quite useful.
    In this post of the course �

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  50. letjam


    TeamKnowledgeRequest is the tool to crowd source your knowledge requests for the software development team.
    1. Select the software you would like to ask the development team to write a post for.
    2. Add your post as a Knowledge Request.
    3. TeamKnowledgeRequest will publish the request on the software development team’s Facebook wall.
    4. The Development team’s answers to the question will be updated on the web page, so

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  51. natceci

    The utility will be a great help for programs using temporary folders to store things that will not be used again after the application is closed.
    Install the tool and then to help you with the rest of the process yourself, we would try to select the shortcut directly through the file menu in Windows explorer.
    You can click on the program icon and run it from Windows itself or any other way. When the main screen opens, select the option Delete all files that do not have a file type.

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  52. samlyvi

    However, it lacks a feature that allows you to save the final results of the conversion into the clipboard. Still, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker as it runs swiftly and its simplistic layout takes care of the rest.Semiconductor devices are commonly found in modern electronic products. Semiconductor devices vary in the number and density of electrical components. Discrete semiconductor devices generally contain one type of electrical component, e.g., light emitting diode (LED), small signal transistor

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  53. valojave

    Each folder can be configured individually, resulting in many different possible combinations.

    Note:* MaxBackUp also include a restore tool, which is used for an automatic restore after an automatic backup. Please use the backup -> restore

    MaxBackUp Features:

    Simple and Easy to use.

    All important files will be automatically backed up.

    Fully compatible with both Maxthon browser and Maxthon theme.

    Editable settings and options.

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  54. helohel

    You can take a look at it for yourself by downloading it here.

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  55. kafwad

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    Listing images

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    How to generate a launch plan for your app?
    Creating a realistic launch plan for your app starts with analyzing the data of your Apps Store promotional campaigns and user acquisition channels. At this stage, it is advisable to create a detailed layout for your app storyboard or timeline in response to the following questions

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  56. jocesabo



    In this guide we’ll introduce you to the power of AbusePipe, a new tool that takes the pain out of enforcing an email abuse policy.

    Currently, on the Internet, there are tonnes of spam emails getting sent. Some people are involved in illegal activities, and they send millions of spam emails on a daily basis. Unfortunately, all this spam is a problem for everyone, and it makes it a lot harder for users to surf

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  57. yamfav

    Customizable features include support for the custom field types, sorting, searching and exporting.
    You can also add your own destinations, including Exchange and Outlook.
    It is the perfect tool if you want to backup the SMS messages of a single contact or all contacts on your iPhone. Ndara iSMS Backup is a lightweight and easy to use application that allows you to backup the SMS messages on your iPhone.
    This app is platform independent.
    Ndara iSMS Backup is

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  58. lovapaz

    Multiple config profiles, you can add more at any time
    Easy to work with and start new applications
    Multiple language versions available
    Not available for all operating systems
    Requires Administrative rights
    Some users get an error when using browser detection feature
    Please, see QuickConfig review

    Enter the Operator, the Observer, the Observer-Driver, and the Things that it Observes. Download the latest FreeMat and become more than just something that observes – think, calculate

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  59. naomval

    To enter the text simply select it from the list and enter your desired conversion. It remembers the last number format that was in use.
    This is a very useful application. (PRG_ uses k5Site2 from PROGNIC.COM. The number of rules varies. You must try them on a trial version before purchasing.)

    Easy-to-use, this program allows you to use your favorite “6 String Rigs” as hard-wired instrument pedals, whether they’re

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  60. baiyord

    If you didn’t take any precautions, it is highly likely that other accounts got hacked too. When this happens, HackCheck will let you know so that you can take further action with all your accounts.

    Pidgin, like other instant messaging software, does not provide as many functions as a dedicated instant messaging program like Skype or iChat. That’s why many people are looking for new ways to make the most of their IM software. If you want to have some fun without committing several

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  61. talher

    The 8

    Lost Image Recuperation

    official iPhone Backup

    iTunes. iPhoto. Lost the picture? The pic is gone. Is it dead? Is it frozen?
    Then LostImageRecuperation is here with a freeware solution to recover all lost pictures, videos, audios, and pretty much everything from your iPhone or iPod. Just use easy, user-friendly wizard with 8 step to recover lost photos fast. Give LostImageRecuperation

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  62. kameve

    To see a version with a nice background, please download Farm Animals.

    Created with the intention of keeping KDE a small, concisely built package, first released to the wild in October 2002, has matured over time and is ready to be a production level app.
    It has an Activator plugin, which gives you a useful way to link apps and music. I’m mainly active with Ximian as its ‘techno-bridge’ so I am keeping an eye on KDevelop 0

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  63. saddrys

    Nevertheless, such a program might already solve other Physics problems.

    ]]> (Vonage Telecommunications Reviews)Reviews articlesMon, 26 May 2012 11:38:54 +0000Alpine Ethos 800 LTE Combo Modem Review by Dave and powerful, Alpine has

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  64. wylgems

    Category:Business software
    Category:Diagramming softwareInfluence of integrated care on quality of maternal health care in rural Sweden: a multilevel analysis.
    To examine the differences in quality of maternity services for rural women in integrated care settings and those same women outside the integrated care settings. Retrospective observational, register-based data from 13 integrated care regions in rural Sweden and from 10 regions outside the regions. We measured quality of maternal health care using data from women’s completed question

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  65. valglor

    Atrus Photo Pro is an easy-to-use application designed to manage photos for an extensive range of editing tasks. The program supports most of the photo formats, and it enables you to take full advantage of your supported device’s features, including its built-in printer.
    User-friendly photo manager
    At the beginning of the setup process, you are given the opportunity to decide which options to use when printing photos, including the number of prints, the number

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